Business needs addressable by ADF

Detection of anomalies in computer network data

ADF platform will help you to wade through streams of data from various systems in your computer network. ADF is able detect novel cybersecurity threats or novel malware types. We apply anomaly detection to detect problems in performance of critical devices, such as servers or databases, or applications vital for a smooth operation of your company.

Detection of fraud and hidden risks in financial and audit data

Anomalies in financial data typically signify possible fraud or misconduct. ADF will also help you to find errors and unmatched records in financial transactions, wade through company balance sheets to reveal hidden risks and if applied to attendance reports, you can understand issues in employee‘s performance.

Improving quality of products and uptime of production lines

ADF analyses data from sensors on pro-duction lines, looking for early warnings leading to a potential malfunction. ADF can help you with product quality manage-ment by inspecting manufactured product properties in real-time. ADF helps you to improve your manufacturing process by comparing final product test data against manufacturing data and pinpoint manu-facturing process inefficiencies.

Key benefits of ADF

Ability to detect anomalies in near real-time

Detection time of a problem reduced from days/hours to minutes/seconds.

Ability to process terabytes of data in parallel​

Scaling up the inspection/audit process by orders of magnitude​

Streamlining the Inspection/audit workflow​

Automation of process inspection and issue detection.

Visualization and explanation of the problems detected​

Keeping decision-makers, operators, and analysts in charge.

Main technical features

Modular architecture

We can customize the platform easily such that it detects the problems you are looking for.

Extensible problem detection system​

We designed a large number of detectors specialized in different types of problems and anomalies.

Easy to use REST API​

The platform can be accessed by other systems easily​

On-premise, cloud or hosted options​

We provide you with the most fitting solution. We can deploy the platform to any major cloud provider (including Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and others).

Easy connection to your digital ecosystem

The system can be connected with your databases or existing systems for straightforward communication.

How we deploy ADF

We connect data to the data sources to be analyzed
We customize the detectors to detect (only) relevant problems
We connect the platform to your reporting system and we customize graphical user interface
We integrate the system into your infrastructure and your processes
We provide continuous maintenance and support

Case study: detecting fraudulent insurance events ​

Many insurance companies struggle with efficient fraud detection process. We customized ADF to detect fraudulent events and we plugged ADF next to the existing rule-based fraud detection system to enhance the process without modifying the workflow.​

Thanks to Blindspot we have realized how to unlock power of data and AI. Particularly helpful was experience with claim data that demonstrated how we can leverage machine learning algorithms to empower our fraud detection process.”

Zdeněk Macháček
MBA, Chief Security Officer

We have been thinking about applying artificial intelligence to innovate our fraud detection process. Blindspot supported us in this initiative and demonstrated how machine learning can uplift our fraud detection efficiency.”

Jan Řezníček
Head of claims

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